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Written by: cday | News | December 14th, 2012

A1 Tracker welcomes in the new year with another sales CRM software deployment. A1 Tracker CRM software has been selected by a key taxi cab transportation company to deploy in late December 2013. With A1 Sales CRM SoftwareTracker as a web-based sales management software, sales reps will have access to current sales and sales lead tracking to improve communication channels with standardized sales templates, customized sales data for the taxi cab industry, and online customer forms for web-based inquiries and application forms. Certain paper-based or manual email steps in the sales process will be eliminated and having a centralized web-based sales software will give sales reps clear understanding of potential customer account requirements. A1 Enterprise will private label A1 Tracker sales inquiry pages to control the lead generation process via the customer web site, including private labeled URL for full vendor transparency.

Web-Based Sales CRM Software | Cloud Powered

A1 Tracker is offered as a self-hosted onsite software or as a fully hosted cloud-powered CRM software where we provide the necessary server technology in our hosting data center. With self-hosting the customer is responsible for managing server access and any additional IT resources such as backups, document storage space, and email systems. This deployment will be offered as a full-hosted web-based CRM sales software with private labeling. Whether fully hosted or self hosted, A1 Tracker is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets. With a full sales contact data import from other data sources, the full deployment process will result in fully functional online sales management software with live data for sales reps to go to work. A1 Enterprise will provide personalized on-site sales CRM software training to ensure sales reps and sales managers have a strong working knowledge of A1 Tracker with ongoing support for sales management. Our custom cloud software development history dates back to 2001,  giving A1 Enterprise an edge in providing competent customer support and custom CRM software solutions to meet  unique business requirements.