Construction contract software must provide flexibility for various types of construction projects and industries. A1 Enterprise caters to a variety of construction contracts including shopping centers, hotels, resorts, casinos, and power plants to name a few. Our expertise in organizing and tracking project data helps customers better utilize our online building contract management software because we will help customers create contract software templates to streamline the new project setup process and help reduce estimating time.

A general contractor, sub contractor, or owner-builder can use our online management software throughout each phase of a project, from start to finish, as well as after the project has been completed to analyze the performance of the project to understand how to improve project management practices for future projects. Construction Contract Software

Architects and design engineers can share documents online and track labor costs. Project managers can assign task groups to contract and project resources such as electrical contractors, employees, and materials suppliers to receive automatic email notifications when a construction contract is updated. A project manager can compare costs to budgets. If the project manager wishes to apply lump sum cost rules for a task, a resource submitting time or costs will have a controlled cost submittal process which prevents project overruns.

Construction Contract Software Cost Control

Our construction contract software calculates material costs, costs per unit, and units of measurement for building contract materials including square feet, lineal feet, board feet, square yards, and tons. Any unit of measurement a project manager wishes to track may be reported and compared from an original materials budget and an actual materials cost incurred on the project. With project delays, contract managers may be required to track delay time and the cost of delays. The impact to a project can be reported on numerous ways, including by time and costs.

Web-based construction contract software is secure and easy to use for your administrative staff responsible for scheduling, documents, and tracking critical due dates. It also relieves significant burdens from project managers by holding general contractors, sub contractors, employees, and construction suppliers responsible for contract requirements. Construction software also tracks budget requests and budget approvals. Construction managers can upload and view important construction documents, insurance policies, and insurance certificates of renewal to ensure that projects maintain proper insurance coverage throughout the duration of the construction contract.